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新版本東圈 A New Version of East Loop

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

去年賽事因為超強颱風山竹破壞東圈部份賽道而被逼改道。事隔一年,被破壞的山徑尚未修復,加上今年漁農自然護理處要求盡量減少與越野單車徑重疊部份,做到人與單車分隔。今年東圈會經引水道落河背村,再取道河背水塘東側的一段與單車徑平行的山徑上山,再沿山腰走回大欖林路,即麥理浩徑第九段,經田夫仔返回起點。所以今年東圈相比最原先的設計,長度由 10.35公里增加至 13.8公里,累計爬升亦由原來的 360 米跳升至 482 米。

Last year, because of the devastating damage of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, we had to amend the route of Loop East. This year, as the damaged trail is not yet repaired, and AFCD also suggested that we have to separate bike users and runners. This year, the route of Loop East is redesigned to avoid the overlapping parts. Participants needs to pass through Ho Pui Village and Ho Pui Reservoir, up the valley on the East side of the reservoir, back to McLehose Trail Sec.9. As a result, the length of Loop East is inevitably increased from 10.35km to 13.8km, and the elevation is also increased from 360m to 482m

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為慶祝成立3週年,運動筆記HK 在 2018年4月舉行首屆四葉草接力賽。今年將會是第3屆。接力賽包含四條難度各異的路線,一隊人發揮各自強項,向著同一個目標進發,是團隊精神的體現。

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Running Biji HK, the first Lucky Clover Relay was debuted in 2018. This year will be the third one. The relay race is composited by 4 trails with different difficulty, teammates may take the most suitable trail and achieve the same goal as a team. It is true team spirit.

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