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新增接駁巴士 去起點更方便 Extra FREE shuttle minibus to Startpoint

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

今年,大會提供額外免費穿梭小巴服務,參加者可以在大棠燒烤場停車場轉乘 28 座小巴前往楓香林路口,比以往節省 1.6公里距離。下車後,參加者只需步行1km 前往起點。 This year, extra FREE shuttle minibus will be provided from BBQ Parking Area to the junction of Maple Tree Road. Participants save 1.6km walking distance. After getting off the minibus, participants are required to walk just 1km to the start point.

完成比賽後,所有參加者均可前往楓香林路口,乘座大會28 座小巴前往黃泥墩村村公所,班次為 3:30pm 開始。可以轉乘港鐵接駁巴士 K66 至元朗市中心及西鐵朗屏站。 After the race, all participants can take the shuttle bus at the junction of Maple Tree Road. The shuttle bus will stop in Wong Nai Tun Tsuen. Participants can take MTR Bus K66 back to Yuen Long Town Centre and Long Ping Station of West Railway.

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