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賽道介紹 Course Description

賽道以吉慶橋為中心,起點、終點、水站皆在此處,參加者由吉慶橋出發向東、南、西、北四個方位走四個圈再返回吉慶橋,總長度約 36公里。你可以參加個人組別,獨自完成四個圈,也可以與朋友參加二人接力 (每人走兩圈) 或四人接力(每人走一圈)。

Kat Hing Bridge is the venue as well as the start, finish and checkpoint. The participants start at Kat Hing Bridge and run 4 different direction/loop (East, West, North & South) checking back in at Kat Hing Bridge again.  You can choose to run either Solo (must run all the loops), in a team of 2 (each member must run 2 loops) or in a team of 4 (each member must run 1 loop).

賽道次序 Loop Sequence

起步圈由擲骰決定,是這個比賽一大特色。去年是逆時針走向,擲出東圈,比賽次序為東 > 北 > 西 > 南。2020年會是順時針走向,假若今年又是擲出東,比賽次序便是東 > 南 > 西 > 北。

It is so exciting that the sequence of the loop will be decided by dice throwing . The participants ran anti-clockwise last year in which with the dice stopping at East, so the loop sequence was East > North > West > South. This year the race will run clockwise. If the dice result is East again, the sequence will be East > South > West > North.

四葉草接力賽地圖 Lucky Clove Relay Map

時限 Total Time Limit : 8hr15min

四葉草接力賽東圈 Lucky Clove Relay Loop East

吉慶橋 > 引水道 > 河背村 > 河背水塘 > 河背越野單車徑 > 麥理浩徑第九段

Kat Hing Bridge > Catchwater > Ho Pui Village > Ho Pui Reservoir > Ho Pui Bike Trail > McLehose Trail Sec.9

Distance 距離:13.8 km
攀升482 m
Time Limit
限時:3 hr

四葉草接力賽南圈 Lucky Clove Relay Loop South

吉慶橋 > 圓墩郊遊徑 > 元荃古道 > 大欖自然教育徑

Kat Hing Bridge > Yuen Tun Country Trail > Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail > Tai Lam Nature Trail

Distance 距離:7 km
攀升269 m
Time Limit
限時:1 hr 30 min 

四葉草接力賽西圈 Lucky Clove Relay Loop West

吉慶橋 > 伯公坳 > 麥理浩徑第十段 > 關帝廟 > 越野單車徑 

Kat Hing Bridge > Pak Kung Au > McLehose Trail Sec.10 > Bike Trail

Distance 距離:5.1 km
攀升132 m
Time Limit
限時:1 hr 

四葉草接力賽北圈 Lucky Clove Relay Loop North

吉慶橋 > 元荃古道 > 大欖涌郊遊徑 > 引水道

Kat Hing Bridge > Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail > Tai Lam Chung Country Trail > Catchwater

Distance 距離:10.4 km
攀升:350 m
Time Limit
限時:2 hr 45 min

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