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比賽規則 Race Regulations

指定裝備 Mandatory Gears

所有參加者起步時必須帶同飲料 1000 毫升 (東圈 / 北圈) 或 500 毫升 (西圈 / 南圈) 及一部能打通緊急聯絡號碼的手提電話。

All participants must bring container(s) with drinks of 1000ml  (East / North ) or 500ml  (West / South ) , and a mobile phone with valid network when start.

橡膠手環 Wristband

東南西北每個圈賽的道上均有工作人員派發橡膠手環,所有參加者  參隊伍必須集齊四款手環,完成時間方為有效。

Wristbands will be distributed in each loop. All participants / teams have to show all the wristbands of each loop, or their result will not be recognised


號碼布 Number BIB


All participants must show their number BIB in the front part of the body.

不得亂拋垃圾 No Littering


No littering is allowed on the race course. Any participant is found littering, his result will be disqualified. Please hold trash until you arrive the finishline.


不得走捷徑 No Shortcut


All participants must follow the trail as it is marked. Participants will be disqualified if they are found running shortcut.


No Pacers and No Aids outside checkpoint



All participants are required to finish the race or their loops on their own capability. All participants are not allowed to accept any aids  pacing on the course, or their result will be disqualified.


不設上訴 No Appeal


The organizer's decision on any disqualification is final.


緊急情況 Emergency

如遇緊急情況,請馬上撥打主辦單位緊急聯絡電話 54711974

In case of emergency, please call the organizer's emergency contact number 54711974.


惡劣天氣 Bad weather


In case of the following bad weather condition (typhoon, heavy rain, thunderstorm), the race will be cancelled or delayed. All participants are required to follow the announcement.

紀念TEE Size Chart

tee 20200703.jpg

Bag Drop Service


Bag Drop Service will be provided at the venue. We held no responsibility for damage or loss of the baggage and personal belongings of the participants. Participants must ensure that their personal belongings are properly packaged, and the luggage may get wet due to bad weather.

Registration Refund



NO refund will be given to any participant under any circumstances. Please understand this before the registration.

Result & Certificate


報名網站 會顯示參加者的比賽成績及證書。

The result and certificates can be found at the registration website

Food & Beverages


所有飲品及食品補給只提供給參加者 會場不會提供餐具、杯、碗,所有參加者必須自備餐具、杯、碗等食具。

Water, sports drink, sodas, and snacks will be provided from 10:00am.

ALL the food and beverages will only be provided to participants. NO cutlery and containers will be provided.

Course Marking and Checkpoint



The route will be marked with reflective orange ribbons and signs at intersections.
There will be only 1 checkpoint with drinking water, electrolytes, and food.
Wristband will be distributed to the participants in each Loop.
All participants must show all four wristbands at the Finish, or the race time shall not be recognized.

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